West Virginia University
21 Dec
Well we?ve finally arrived in Jacksonville! After a very long bus ride it feels great to be outside and walking around in my shorts smelling the salty ocean in the breeze. It feels so great!

Last night was pretty fun, the bus ride that is. We played some fun bus games and watched some great movies, including one of my favorites ?Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.? After that movie everyone was quoting it for the rest of the night; it was pretty funny. We made a few stops at rest stations to use the bathroom and to stretch our legs. Trying to sleep on a bus is challenging at best. I?m a little tired this morning, but it is nothing that some coffee and Mountain Dew couldn?t remedy.

So now we are officially in Jacksonville at our rehearsal. It feels nice to play my clarinet again, as I really haven?t played since the Rutgers game. The beach is only a few blocks away right now and all of us are dying to go, even if just to dip our feet in. It?s still kind of funny that here I am walking around in shorts and talking about going to the beach at the end of December! That?s nothing I thought I?d ever do!

After rehearsal today we will head to our hotel and check in. After that, we have the night off to go have fun and hang out. I?m really looking forward to that part, but right now it?s time to work, and you can?t just have fun without any work! Then again, marching band can hardly be called work; it?s just too much fun! Well, I better go practice so I will update you all later about the goings on here with the Pride of West Virginia!

See you all later, and?


1 Dawn | Dec 29 at 5:04 pm

You've gotta love practice after a long bus ride, especially when you haven't really slept. Have fun in Jacksonville, and play your clarinet for me. Blue Clarinet Girl Dawn '99-03'

2 Mary M | Dec 31 at 9:19 am

Hi, I am a former band mother, two of my children were members of the pride while they were in college. We started out attending games not only to see the team but to watch the band. It was always fun to see how impressed people were with the opening band routine. I am looking forward to what you say about the experience.

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