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21 Dec

December 31, 2006?11:40 PM

What a New Year’s Eve! The day started out with our last rehearsal of the year, it was pretty short and we did have fun and got done what needed to be done. Next I headed to the Mountaineer Fan Center, and that was amazing! There were so many people there, I could not believe it! There were a lot of activities for fans to participate in and to get a closer Mountaineer connection. Such activities include DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), a football toss, free gear giveaways, and a program called “The Question” where questions were prompted to visitors such as “What is a team?” and “is winning everything?” and visitors could write down their and they would be colleted and then shown online, provided by the WVU Philosophy Department. I had so much fun there. I got to dress up like a football player and got my picture taken, I got to throw three out of four successful passes, and I got to play DDR in my band uniform! Haha! It was a really cool place for fans to meet and get together. There was a mini-band that came, and it was neat to be able to watch them instead of being part of them. After our stint at the Fan Center, we headed to the pep rally at Jacksonville Landing. That was a really amazing experience. There were so many fans there, all yelling and going crazy! It was so hot out, but the mountaineer fans were there nevertheless to cheer on their team. One thing that made me giggle a bit, was whenever we played “Country Roads” or “Fight Mountaineers” people would hold up their cell phones to record it! I thought that was pretty neat. After that was done, we sat in our nicely air conditioned buses to wait to march in the Gator Bowl Parade. Yes, it was hot enough that we needed the AC. I think it was in the high 80s today. The parade wasn’t too long, and there was a nice breeze so it stayed cooler. The best part of it was the fact that it looked like the entire state of West Virginia showed up for this game! There must have been like 20 WVU fans for every one Georgia Tech fan! It seemed pretty overwhelming in our favor, but I have absolutely no problem with that! After the parade, we all headed home to prepare for New Years festivities. My friends, Lorraine, Terry, James, Heather, Chad, Ryan, Jason, and Lorraine’s brother Jake, and I all decided to drive to the beach. That was a lot of fun. We played games on the beach and walked in the surf. The stars were so beautiful and the water was cool but refreshing. We wrote in the sand and took many pictures, and found jellyfish. We also stood in a circle and sang “Country Roads” also we marched “Simple Gifts” on the beach just because. It was absolutely the most memorable time I have ever had with my friends. We arrived back at the hotel in time to celebrate the beginning of the New Year with the rest of the band. We all stood on the balconies surrounding our court yard and sang “Country Roads” together. Afterward, we all ran around hugging each other and saying our Happy New Years. It was a New Years that I will never forget, a New Years with all my friends together in one place. Now it’s game day. I’ll be getting some sleep now so I can be ready to go when we bring on the Mountaineers!!!



1 Kendra | Jan 1 at 2:36 am

Lauren, I am so proud of you. Being a native Mountaineer, from a long line of Mountaineers, and the mother of a previous Color Guard Captain with the Pride of West Virginia, you warm my heart to see your enthusiasm in your writing. There is a certain feeling that comes over one when watching the Pride. I also just moved to Florida from your hometown of Shippensburg where your sister attends school in the same class as my granddaughter. Have a great bowl game, kick butt in the show and a safe trip home.

2 Lorraine C-L | Jan 3 at 1:38 am

lauren, this was the best new year's eve i've ever had. i'm gonna remember it forever!

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