West Virginia University
21 Dec

Well it is officially New Years Eve! We just got back from Universal about 5 minutes ago. What a day! It was definitely the most fun yet. I have a feeling that they are just going to keep getting better too! Firstly, I would like to thank everyone that has been leaving me those great comments! I love hearing from you guys! It makes me even more proud to be doing this, and to be a mountaineer! Well today started off bright and early indeed with a wake-up call at 4:30 AM, but luckily the bus ride to Orlando takes about 3-4 hours so I got to finish sleeping then. Soon after arriving at Universal Studios, we unloaded the buses and practiced a while. After a while we all lined up and we marched into Universal and stood in parade block and played a few selections for the not quite small crowd, but still not very large one. Nevertheless, it was pretty fun, my first official, bowl game performance! Haha! The cheerleaders and our Mountaineer, Brady Campbell, were there as well to provide some more entertainment for the audience. There were a good many mountaineer fans there to watch us, and also a lot who were not. It was pretty cool. After we finished our concert, we marched out of the park and got changed into our street clothing, ready to hit the parks. We had tickets that permitted us to go from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure all day long. My friends and I were pretty hungry after our performance, as it was lunch time, so we got some grub first and then we made a beeline for the Hulk roller coaster in Islands of Adventure. We waited a long time, but it was worth it, it was a great ride! It was fast and had lots of twists, turns, loops, and upsidowns, which is exactly how I like my roller coasters! Next, we headed to the Dueling Dragons roller coaster. It had two separate tracks with two trains that ?dueled? and raced each other. My friends and I sat in the front seats of the two trains so we could duel each other but somehow our line calculating to get on the same ride got off and half of our group ended up one train ahead of us! Nevertheless, that ride was awesome! I guess I am a bit partial to inverted coasters (where the track is above you and your feet hang down, like a ski lift), but it was definitely my favorite ride of the day. The next part of the day was my absolute favorite area, the Jurassic Park Island! ?Jurassic Park? is one of my most favorite movies so I was quite excited to be there. Some of our group decided to forgo the Jurassic Park River Ride, so we had five left, exactly the number of seats in one row on the ride! Imagine that! The ride was pretty cool, with Stegosauruses, Velociraptors (which are my favorite dinosaurs), and of course, the big baddy, the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Then just as we are about to go over the big drop, our boat stops and will not move again! We started laughing about our predicament. So when the people in the boats behind us began singing ?Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? my friend Robin turned to me and said, ?Let?s sing ?Country Roads!?? So we did, we sang ?Country Roads? in the Jurassic Park ride. Now you can?t tell me that we are not true mountaineers! Eventually the ride did move and we went down the hill, but the T-Rex that is supposed to attack us didn?t attack, so that was a bit of a disappointment, but it was okay. The rest of our group, my friends Tristan, Mitchell, Robin, and James, and I decided to ride this ride like the teacups that spin at Disney World. We crammed 5 college students into this very small car, and I must say our knees might never forgive us! We were laughing so much at ourselves that we couldn?t even spin our car! By that time we were all quite hungry, so we decided to go eat at Margaritaville at City Walk. It was really neat. We sat out on a deck in the warm Florida evening listening to Jimmy Buffett music. We played some games and joked around until we got our food, which was really good. After dinner, we had about an hour left to kill before we had to go to the buses, so we walked around City Walk and took lots of fun pictures. We found one of those little photo booths and again we displayed our champion cramming skills and stuffed ourselves into that tiny booth and took pictures. It was so much fun, quite the memorable day indeed. Well?tomorrow, well technically it is today, we will be going to the parade and the pep rally. That is going to be quite fun indeed, I can?t wait! Also it?s New Year?s Eve; that means lots of fun too! Don?t forget to check out the fan center and who knows, you may get to see me! I can?t wait to see what the fan center looks like, from what I hear, it?s really cool! Well, I must be getting to bed now, so I will catch up with you all later!


Wriiten December 31, 2006?12:06 AM

1 Grandmum, Pappy, and Shelly | Dec 31 at 10:34 pm

Impressive job with the blog! Have a BLAST tomorrow!:o) Happy New Year (A Bit early!)

2 Sandi Murray | Jan 1 at 11:41 am

Wow Lauren, you're my kind of gal. You sure did tell that story well, lot's of details. This is great because I didn't get to come to Florida to the Gator Bowl. Tell my grandson, Mitchel (trumpet) I said Hi. He will sure remember that ride the scarier, the better. Love, Mamaw Sandi

3 Robyn McDonald | Jan 8 at 11:24 pm

OMG I freakin loved the T-Rex ride. That was when we truely got close..lol...actually my high school theatre teacher's wife found this blog earlier and sent it to me. She wasn't sure if it was me or not so she had to ask me if it was....I was like, where did you find this? She was like, on the internet..lol..A-freakin-mazing. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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